Our Sleep Program Affiliations

More hospitals nationwide are discovering the benefits of incorporating a comprehensive sleep lab into their roster of patient services. America’s Sleep Network (ASN, Inc) is playing a key role in providing sleep diagnostic and therapeutic services, with minor risk and investment to the hospital implementing them. ASN, Inc. is responding to the fact that sleep disorders create a need and an opportunity for healthcare providers to not only meet patient demands, but to feed other services within the hospital setting. ASN, Inc. provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic services with a ‘turn-key’ approach, meaning that all the equipment, staffing, technical and clinical services, reporting and protocols are provided. The only items the participating hospital are responsible for are space, bedroom furnishings and billing support.

Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital


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Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital

Palos Sleep Center

Kishwaukee Hospital

Rochelle Community Hospital

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Suburban Sleep Center Suburban Pulmonary & Sleep Associates