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Refer a Patient

To refer a patient to any of our locations simply print the order from for the location you are interested in from below.  Once printed, simply fill in the form and fax it to us.  Be sure to include your patient's demographic information as we will contact them to schedule their sleep study within 24 hours. Patients are usually scheduled within 1-2 weeks.

AMITA Health Bolingbrook SDC.
AMITA Health Hinsdale SDC.
AMITA Health LaGrange SDC.
Kishwaukee Community Hospital.
Rochelle Community Hospital SDC.
Suburban Sleep Center.
Valley West Community Hospital SDC.


Once your patient is reached and scheduled for their sleep study, you can expect to receive results from their study within 5-7 business days.  These results are faxed to your office and it is up to you to follow the recommendations of the sleep specialist with your patient.

If your patient is diagnosed with Sleep Apnea or Sleep Disordered Breathing where a titration sleep study is recommended, simply send us another order for their titration study, and we will repeat the process; we contact them, we send you results, you continue to manage your patients care.  This includes writing any prescriptions for treatment options recommended by the interpreting physician.

If you choose one of the sleep consultation options, we will order and manage any necessary sleep studies including home therapy equipment for your patient.

If you are referring your patient for a home sleep study your patient will be seen by one of our Board Certified Sleep Specialists in a consultation prior to the study to determine clinical eligibility. Please visit our page on Home Studies for more information.

We look forward to working with you to help your patient's get a good night's sleep, and thank you for trusting us with your patients care.