America's Sleep Network

ASN Inc. is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.  It is our commitment to patient focused outcomes that has positioned us as a resource and trusted partner for our hospital affiliations.

Sleep Lab Management

ASN manages numerous sleep labs in the Midwest, providing overall sleep lab management including: operations management, and clinical support  as well as directing both marketing and educational initiatives.  As active partners with our hospitals and medical practices, we bring quality healthcare and patient-centric care to the community. 

  • Increase revenue without the need for capital expenditures
  • No human resource hassles or overhead
  • No scheduling responsibilities-- Prevent costs of low patient volumes and patient inconveniences with prolonged appointment times
  • Flexibility to work with any business model
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine Accreditation (AASM)
  • Enhance patient satisfaction
  • Maximize immediate profits potential

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